Jennifer Hulnick

Jennifer joined Baer Romain & Ginty LLP as an associate in 2018.

Her main areas of practice include landlord/tenant and real estate matters, family law, civil litigation, and estate planning. Prior to joining the firm, she spent the early part of her career focusing on real estate matters, landlord/tenant, and civil litigation.

Jennifer was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in 2004 and went on to get her Juris Doctor degree from Widener School of Law in 2007.

Jennifer started her career working for one of the most prominent real estate law firms in Chester County. After five years of practice, she took some time off to spend with her family and has now returned to law. In addition to the technical knowledge she gained during her years of practice, she has an extraordinary understanding of this area of practice as a third generation member of a family heavily involved in transactional real estate. Having her grandfather, and later her father, own one of the largest CENTURY 21 Real Estate companies in Pennsylvania, she grew up in a world of real estate.

Jennifer also focuses part of her practice on the area of family law. Having gone through a difficult divorce herself, she found a passion to help those who are going through the process themselves. She draws upon her personal divorce experience to help fulfill her clients’ needs in the most painless, beneficial way possible. It has equipped her in a way that few legal experiences could. Her clients can depend on her empathy and knowledge to lead them to the best solutions, founded on her professional and personal experience. When a person is faced with having to deal with family law issues, whether that’s a divorce, child custody or financial struggles, often times that person gets lost in the legal process or even forgotten between all the rules, procedures and strategies. What that person needs at their most vulnerable time is to trust someone to be their voice. That is one of the main reasons she chose to practice family law. She has a deep passion for helping people be heard when their voice is not loud enough and a passion for keeping focus on the children when issues become about something else.