Real Estate

Protect your most valued asset. Our experienced real estate lawyers help guide you through the buying and selling process.

Real Estate / Title Insurance

At Baer Romain & Ginty, we offer legal expertise when it comes to buying and selling both commercial and residential real estate.

Our firm’s services and expertise cover such matters as:
  • Preparation of deeds, mortgages, and any other real estate documents
  • Title searches and examinations
  • Representing buyers, sellers, or mortgage companies at commercial or residential real estate closings
  • Representing clients in zoning and land use and development matters including representation at Zoning Hearing Boards and other municipal bodies pertaining to land use matters
  • Serving as advocates for clients in commercial and residential landlord/tenant matters, including the drafting and enforcement of leases through court action
Buying a home

For most of us, buying a house is the largest purchase we will ever make. Having an experienced real estate lawyer’s help can be invaluable throughout the buying and selling process. You will be signing your name to a contract that may affect you and your family for many years. Our real estate lawyers are not only knowledgeable about negotiations and contracts, they’re qualified to answer legal questions and suggest changes to a standard contract that may add benefits to the sale.​

Commercial property

Buying and selling commercial property can be complicated and involve large sums of money. Unlike a residential transaction where the law provides basic consumer protection for the buyer, parties in commercial real estate transactions cannot depend on consumer laws against unfair practices. Commercial clients will benefit from having a skillful lawyer to guide them through complex contract terms, legal liabilities and tenant disputes.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects both you and your mortgage company against disputes relating to ownership of the property you are buying. If, at a later date, another party claims to have rights to your property, you will be protected. These unexpected claims might include, claims by an adjoining property owner to part of your land, easements or rights of way of which you were unaware.

To get a mortgage you’ll have to buy a lender’s title insurance policy. This protects the lending company against any title problems. But to protect your own interests, you’ll need to purchase owner’s title insurance as well.​​

Mr. Romain is an experienced real estate attorney with over 25 years of experience and is an approved attorney with Old Republic Title Insurance Company.​

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