February 23, 2018
DUI Checkpoint

When Should You Submit to a Field Sobriety Test in Pennsylvania?

You’ve been out for a night of fun with your friends, and now you see flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror. Is a DUI charge imminent? Even if you haven’t had a single drink, it’s important for […]
February 21, 2018
baer law group

Brooke R. Ginty Appointed Solicitor to the Chester County Clerk of Courts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHOENIXVILLE, PA: Baer Romain, LLP is proud to announce the appointment of our own Brooke R. Ginty as Solicitor to the Chester County Clerk of Courts. Ginty’s appointment is representative of a sea change for Democrats holding […]
January 2, 2018
restraining order

How Long Does It Generally Take to File for and Receive a Restraining Order in Pennsylvania?

Restraining orders can be issued for either family law situations or related to criminal domestic violence cases. They represent a powerful form of protection for people who are dealing with abuse. Whether you’re a victim of physical, emotional or sexual […]
December 27, 2017
Spousal Support Pennsylvania

How is Spousal Support Calculated in Pennsylvania?

No matter how uncomfortable life within your marriage may be, the idea of ending it can bring a level of financial insecurity, especially if your spouse contributes more to your household expenses than you do. In seeking to address this […]
December 13, 2017
Drivers License

Occupational License Workarounds

Losing your driver’s license is more than just an inconvenience: it can make the difference between being able to keep your job and facing unemployment. Pennsylvania drivers facing license suspensions are required to surrender their driver’s license, but they do […]
October 31, 2017
Expungement Attorney Phoenixville, PA

Expungement in PA: Do I Qualify?

Are you suffering the consequences from having a criminal record? Have you been denied employment because of a conviction for a summary offense or a misdemeanor? Have you ever been turned down for housing due to having an arrest record […]
October 30, 2017
Personal Injury Attorney Phoenixville, PA

I’m Injured and it Wasn’t my Fault – Now What?

Common Questions about Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer While most people know the term, “personal injury attorney,” they often have little to no idea about how personal injury lawyers work. How do I pay them? Do I have to […]

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