Estate Planning/Probate

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About Estate Planning

Let our experienced attorneys guide you through the selection and drafting of any estate planning documents, including:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Testamentary Trusts

Estate planning involves anticipating who will make decisions for you, both personal or financial, in case of your death or mental incapacity. Without competent estate planning, you and your assets may end up with a court-appointed conservatorship making decisions about your medical care and the disposal of your assets. A court-supervised probate can hamper the distribution of your property for months or even years.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, a well-designed estate plan will preserve your assets and relieve the burden on your family members. Estate planning ensures that your property is distributed according to your wishes, with the greatest tax savings and avoidance of probate costs.

Our skillful attorneys will help you analyze your current and future financial situation and help you devise the most appropriate plan. We will draft any documents necessary for trusts, wills, powers of attorney and healthcare directives to help you plan for your possible incapacity and end of life. We offer executor services as well as agent services for those individuals who do not wish to trouble a family member with these matters.

Estate planning is an ongoing process and we will help you review and update your plan as your family and financial situations change during your lifetime. We also offer legal representation for your beneficiaries, executors and family.

About Probate

Probate involves the legal validation of your will, the inventorying of your assets, and making sure that your taxes and creditors are paid so your property can be given to the heirs and beneficiaries you specified in your will.

However, the probate process can be complex and time consuming; many legal issues can arise concerning the transfer of your assets after your death. If you have not selected someone to act as your executor before your death, the courts will become involved and your property may not go to the family members or organizations that you intended.

As experienced probate lawyers, we know how to minimize estate taxes to ensure that the bulk of your estate is passed on to beneficiaries instead of the government. We can transfer real estate titles; handle legal guardian issues if you have minor children, and relieve your family of the burdens associated with probate’s complex legal issues.

Whether you need advice for planning or someone trustworthy and impartial to handle your entire estate, our firm can provide the necessary legal services.​

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